Sex. Let’s talk about sex. Among men and women ages 25-44, about 97 percent had sexual contact in their lives, the National Center for Health Statistics reported. It might be intimate, but it affects us all.

Relationships. Let’s talk about relationships. Often in our romantic woes we forget many other fish in the sea experience the same heartaches. It might be embarrassing, but talking about it only makes it better.  

The fact is, we all need girlfriends. Maybe you think it only happens to you, but honey, you are not alone. We can gripe and complain, moan and groan about relationships together. And who doesn’t need a little relationship advice?

I find my best friends and I send hundreds of facebook messages back and forth talking about guys, pondering those infamous questions every girl has to ask herself and her girlfriends at some point during her dating career. And to be totally honest, my friends and I are getting a little sick of bouncing the same ideas off each other every AIM chat. It’s share time, girls. 

Maybe I could try to be deep and say this is somewhat like an anthropological testament of relationships and the female brain, or I could just tell the truth and say it’s time we realize women like to talk about relationships. Men, sex, confusion, over-analyzing. Common topics on a girl’s instant message.   

It might seem a little shallow, but it’s on all our minds. After all, men think about sex about once every 20 minutes or so, and I don’t think – if women were totally honest – the softer sex would be far behind that statistic. 

I think we would discover both men and women like to discuss relationships just as much. Not all the world is politics and literature. (Although, you will find sex and love in both politics and literature)      

As teenagers we learn most of what we know from the media, a little from that awkward “birds and the bees” talk with the parentals and the rest from our peers. What girl didn’t love a good girl gossip, when Susie said she kissed that boy at the school dance? And what guy didn’t love to share his sexual triumphs with his best friends? 

Some of you might be looking for Mr. Right or maybe just Mr. Right-now – for the male readers substitute Mrs. – but everyone needs to understand you’re not alone. We’re all going through the same things in our own unique, amazingly fabulous way. 

So, let’s talk about sex, baby.
2 Responses to “Pourquoi?”
  1. ksyd says:

    you’re hot. 😮

  2. fel says:

    awesome blog idea!

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