Thinking about women’s magazines

51bi8tmqj8l_sl160_So Glamour has a blog about relationships and sex. As I reading their advice it got me thinking about all “women” magazines like this. I’ve been reading these types of rags since I was about 11, when Alicia Silverstone was on the cover of Seventeen magazine. I was obsessed with “Clueless” and so began my downward spiral into another obsession with “women” magazines. Now I have lots of complaints with these types of magazines. For one, their advice is always terrible and cheesey. The thing is, the person writing these columns and blogs isn’t stupid. I know this. They live in the world. They’ve had the ups and downs of love, but why do they always talk in that cutesy voice? Why do they all sound the same?

No matter what magazine you pick up while checking out at the grocery store, you are going to get the same thing, artificial writing. Slightly different packaging. I’m glad I’ve finally reached that age where I can see the faults with these magazines, but man, I hope there aren’t too many women out there taking this fake, manufactured advice.

(Side note: Why is everything in these beauty magazines super expensive?)


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