My morning paper


My morning paper

My morning paper

So there is all this talk in the Biz (the Journalism Biz that is) about the future of the newspaper. I scoff at them — as I have since I chose print journalism as my major. I love my print edition, and I’m only 22. Maybe I’m the exception, except … I don’t think I am. I read my Washington Post every morning, and if it ever went the way of the Detroit Free Press, I would be heartbroken. It seems everyday on Romensko or Editor & Publisher, there is another sad story, another newspaper not making the cut. But they miss the point, the print edition may be suffering, but the content isn’t. WaPo has had some amazing reporting lately. I can’t put the paper down, actually.

Some good stories from the past few days: 

An Amazing Event Not to Be Here For Pretty good story about the people trying to leave the District area for the inauguration. I would, too. But I want to be here to brave the crowds. 

A Win-Win Decision for Black Students Pretty interesting topic, I’ve never really considered. Milloy makes a good point. 

William Glendon; Won Pentagon Papers Case Sad. I had to cover this case for my media law class. I do believe my professor said “I’ve never heard anyone say ‘what?’ so much.” 

Obama Opens a Television Cabinet You know those crazy people that get emotionally involved with what they are reading? That’s me. I actually laughed on the metro this morning reading this. The guy next to me probably thought I was crazy. 

Us, 40? We’re Trying to Recall … Great essay. If you’ve ever worked in a newsroom, this feels somewhat like home. I thought about writing a letter to the editor about this, but who has time? 

And I realize, compiling this list is somewhat hypocritical of me, so I will say, if you have a chance, read a print edition. Otherwise, Here’s some good stuff I found through other blogs like DCist and Washington City Paper.

Not quite as good as the print edition, but pretty awesome.

Not quite as good as the print edition, but pretty awesome.

Key Bridge to be closed for inauguration I may not have to cross it to get here, but this still sucks. 

Is Pepsi Trying to Grab Obama’s Message? Kind of funny actually. I think I want a Pepsi.

So subscribe to a paper and support a journalist. It’s a pretty good cause.


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