Some thoughts about today’s news

More inauguration advice for tourists. Found it on DCist

Here’s the protest that stopped our bus on Saturday. 

I’ve upset we didn’t go to Ben’s Chili Bowl Saturday. Would have been pretty awesome to grab some chili with the new Prez. This should get you laughing: National Hot Dog & Sausage Council Says President-Elect Obama’s Historic Trip to Famous DC Hot Dog Restaurant Reflects Excellent and All-American Taste in Cuisine. DCist did a good job with it. 

Economy Made Few Gains In Bush Years: I like this story, but it’s kind of like rubbing it in our faces. In case you didn’t already realized how terrible the past presidency was … this just in. I’m not so sure people really want to hear that Bush critics were right all along. Is it a good thing that Bush admits his mistakes? It doesn’t get us out of this mess any sooner. Dana Milbank’s Washington Sketch from a couple of weeks ago addresses the same idea. Now we all realize the mistakes Bush made, but also the mistakes we made in electing this president. (And by we I mean people other than me, because I’m not stupid). Hindsight is 20-20, and right now we need to look forward. History teaches us not the make the same mistakes, and we didn’t. Obama will do better, and if he doesn’t, we’ll try again next time. But I do like the Post’s Bush-Cheney Legacy package

Ever hear something that makes you laugh and you know you shouldn’t laugh? That’s how the Maryland math error makes me feel. 

Cute gorilla.

Anyone else feel a little awkward about the Golden Globes? Personally, I love to have Hollywood’s wealth paraded around in front of me while the rest of the world suffers. Just like I can’t wait until next week while I stand in the cold, watching a jumbo-tron, celebrities will be enjoying their seats up front.  I’m too cynical. But tourists can do some celeb sightseeing

Today’s Media Notes. Thinking about it …

I like this. Inauguration Day turkey: A new tradition we call enjoy, except the turkeys, and the vegetarians. OK maybe not a good idea. Still pretty funny. 

Oh, I almost forgot about the “Royal  furor” over Prince Harry’s racist remarks. I understand the hurt feelings and the frustration with this, but he’s a Prince. Is it not surprising that he would be this way? It doesn’t excuse his behavior, but I’m just saying that I’m not surprised a Prince wouldn’t be so Prince Charming. Nope, he’s just third in line for a crown that no one cares about. 

2 Responses to “Some thoughts about today’s news”
  1. Chas McCarthy says:

    There are quite a few grammatical errors in this post, Editor White. And I’m not speaking of slang like “Prez.” A fix is in order.

  2. Tom-Tom says:

    Writing without a copy editor is like highwire-walking without a net! And I don’t mean people will pay more to witness a broken neck.

    Nice links. Good to see you’re still consuming the news like a T-Rex.

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