Short and sweet

Pulling our hair out in the Carolina Reporter, Spring 2008.

I got home about 9:15 after leaving the computer labs around 8:45. We have to be back at 9 a.m. to finish off this dry run. I’ll keep this short.

Carolina Reporter staff Spring 2008.

At Carolina Reporter the last week of class our big surprise assignment was breaking news day. We were given assignments in the morning at 9. Divided into pairs — reporter and an editor. We had to be live at 5 p.m. with graphics, stories and images. It was hell. I’ll admit. We were running around all day to get it done. But we did.

Today was similar it was fast paced, complicated and messy. But looking back now, I understand why the amazing professors at CR did what they did to us. Reporters do that everyday. It’s what making a daily is all about. Turning it around quickly but without sacrificing quality or content.

I’m a little surprised at some of the responses to this week’s three-day assignment. We’re graduate students hoping to go into the news business. It doesn’t matter at what level you want to work in the news business (broadcast, print or web), it centers around a quick but quality turn around.

I dread tomorrow. But it’s just one day’s news. The next day is a “new edition” and finally the end of boot camp.


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