Listmaker, listmaker


I have a problem. I make lists, lots of lists. Sometimes I make multiple to-do lists. Stickies are always on my Mac, and I probably have about 8 open right now. I have three calendar/planners — one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom and one I carry with me — not to mention my phone & GoogleCal.

My bright pink Moleskin is my newly favorite possession, and I take it everywhere. It changes bags almost daily. My planner is just as important.

So today, I started thinking about how I can be a better blogger. Everyone in J-School keeps pushing this blog thing. I’m still learning to be somewhat readable. So I’ve decided to create a list for how to improve my blog.

What do you look for in a blog? What makes a blog good? Do I have to discuss my private life, because I don’t think the hubs will like that?

2 Responses to “Listmaker, listmaker”
  1. winterswords says:

    I am trying to figure these things out for my own blog as well, so I hope you get some comments on this! I will tell you that I like the photos you add to your blog and that you usually keep it short and sweet. I kind of struggle with being too wordy!!

    I like blogs that are funny and anecdotal, I guess…those are the ones I will come back to. Of course I also go to a lot of topic-specific blogs like about fitness (to help shape my own blog), cooking, and decorating…so it helps when a blog has a focus, I guess.

    Ok, speaking of being wordy…not sure if I helped, but that is my two cents! Good luck with your blogging!

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