Updating Google Reader (& other links)

Sometime between getting engaged and getting married, my Google Reader was over-run by Wedding blog feeds. I’ll admit I kind of miss scanning these blogs for the awesome photos and inspiring ideas. (I LOVE this wedding with the very romantic feel and super flowy dresses.)

But today I decided it was time to empty out all the old feeds I never check and add some new ones. (I’ll work on a useful blogroll later). I stumbled on this blog — Twenty-fifth Year — as I was doing it. Since I’m about a month away from the big 2-5, seemed like a good blog for me.

One thing I noticed was that there are so many young women writing blogs and I have to say, that’s pretty inspiring. But here are some of the stories, sites and what-nots I’ve been checking out for the past few days.


This BBQ parfait (sounds gross) looks like the most delicious thing eva.

During my one and only trip to the Big Apple, I made a stop by the corner of Bedford & Grove. Why? Because I’m a huge Friends fan. Anyway, then I found this post about the restaurant in the building — The Little Owl — and I have to go back. (We also hit up Tom’s Restaurant of Seinfeld fame. We’re TV nerds)

Randomly, I tried to make a delicious lunch yesterday out of leftovers. It was simply sauteed spinach (love love love), grape tomatoes and pasta with some Parmesan and feta cheese. It was pretty yummy for a thrown-together lunch.


Over the honeymoon I finished “Manhunt.” (Have I mentioned how good it is?)

Fearing that I wouldn’t have enough to read, I bought “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” at the Miami airport because there really weren’t very many choices. I’ve heard a lot about the series so why not? I’m not very far into it yet.

If I want to meet my 15-20 books this year goal, I need to get crackin’.

For your consideration.

In my browsing of new blogs, I found these ideas that I’m considering:

This would give me a little direction for a while and might get some comments/conversation. I’m still thinking about it.


Didn't get to see Wicked in NYC, but now it's coming to DC!

I’ve been dying to see Wicked the musical since I read the book about a year ago and became addicted to the music. It’s finally coming to D.C. this summer and I’m eager to get tickets.

One of my favorite songs came on shuffle this morning. It was a nice little pick-me-up after having to return to work from Costa Rica.


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