Life is beautiful

This has been an interesting day. Where to begin? I covered a hearing on Hill in the morning about FOIA and open government reform. I love sitting at the special press table. Makes me feel important.


That was pretty draining, mostly because I half ran from Union Station to the Rayburn building only to wait in a super long line of tourists to get in. The press should really get to skip to the front of the line, just saying. So I stopped at Starbucks after the hearing for a soy chai latte. These red velvet whoopies really caught my eye, though.


The plus about covering the Hill is that I can meet up with  the hubby who works in the area. He’s been raving about Taqueria Nationale for a while now. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall joint surrounded by offices. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you were looking for it.


It’s pretty well priced and was quite delicious.


The bad side: there’s like four tables and during the lunch hour that means there’s no where to sit. I guess this is nice if you work in the area and have a desk/office to go back to or have planned for a picnic in one of the many scenic green areas nearby. We however had neither. So we chilled on some sidewalk steps. Is that weird?


Those yucca fries with aioli were to-die-for.

And — to bury the lede as my friend Thomas so aptly pointed out — I finalized a deal with my office for full-time employment post-graduation. I’ll be covering the IRS and tax issues beginning in May. Whew, that’s a pretty huge weight off my shoulders.


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