Holding on


I’m about a month away from the end of the spring semester and finishing (almost) a master’s degree. I’m also about a day short of reaching the end of  — my sanity/rope/mind — fill in the blank here. I’m tired of coming home and being moody, pissy and ranting for hours to my patient husband.

I’ve stopped working out and watching what I’m eating because that takes time and energy that I just don’t have. I know it’s all just excuses. And I am trying to be better. I’m trying to reach a chill point, zen even.

I’m not there yet.

Until I do, I’m thankful for my wonderful husband who listens to me rant, my mom who tries to keep me level, and my friends who mostly agree. Oh and any one who reads my blog! It’s just another bit of sanity that I need.

Oh and the image is really from yesterday, but it wasn’t a good day for me to be anywhere near making public statements. It’s from the Hermes craft show in Tysons Corner.

Costa Rica, I need you now.


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