Hello, April

Photo by Carrie McCloud

I love April. It’s my favorite month. It probably comes from the fact that my birthday is at the end of the month. (This is what I want for the big 2-5. Gamecock colors, anyone?) So here’s what I’ve been into for the last few days. My Google Doc of links is getting too long. I can’t even make sense of it all anymore.


This looks delicious. I have to make it.

I’ve been pondering this for a several days when Makes Me Blush beat me to it. How to make homemade Samoas — or caramel delights as they are called now.


I have fallen victim to my own laziness again. I started the year off pretty good and then got too busy for gym time. And now it’s been like, oh, a month, and I haven’t set foot in the gym. I’m trying to get my motivation back, but it is really tough when school is stressing me out and I have so much work to do. See excuses, excuses.

I’d like to try this work out plan, but knowing me.


Next week will mark the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. It all started down in Charleston at Fort Sumter. (I miss Charleston!)

It is true that when you go to school in South Carolina, your history is Civil War history. I’m pretty fascinated by it now so I’ve been reading a lot of the events that will be coming up all across the Eastern Seaboard.

I’m pretty excited about the movie the Conspirator about Mary Surratt, the lone woman tried and executed for conspiring with John Wilkes Booth.

In other non-Civil War history news:  I’m in journalism school so we constantly talk about the future of this struggling business. I saw this in my Google Reader a la the City Paper: Washington Tiny Paper. I’m intrigued. Do other people think about the news business’ future as much as journalists or is that just our thing?

The District.

Saw this sign on Facebook & Twitter. Loved it. (The photo above is by one of my classmates, Carrie McCloud. She’s a great photog.)

Then I found out it was a tourism thing for Virginia. That sucks.

I love the idea of a D.C. bucket list! I don’t think I’m morbid enough to have a real bucket list. I’ve lived in the city for three years and there are so many even normal touristy things we haven’t done. I often think about the entire chucks of the District that I’ve never been to. We don’t plan to live here forever so I need to get started on this pretty soon.

It still kind of kills me that I’m too old to read Sweet Valley High books anymore, so when Newsweek flashed this story about a new book 10 years later, I was excited. I plan to read this next. For realsies.
And then I saw this about how SVH is a bunch of ists. So this writer disagrees and says the book actually is pretty feminist. I agree.
The women in the books often behave terribly, but they have agency and complicated feelings that spoke to girls who were reading this while sorting out their own complicated feelings.
I’ve kind of already been there with Disney Princesses but I might have to dig back into my SVH vault to dispute these claims:
OK so in case you haven’t heard, Sweet Valley High is back (you can read chapter one here), and it’s 10 years later, meaning the twins are 27 and so is everyone they grew up with (Lila Fowler/Enid Rollins OMG, etc.), which means the book’s being marketed to us and not pre-teens. Us being women who read SVH as kids and feel fond (or deeply, surprisingly hateful) of the characters, and who might get a thrill out of hearing Jessica and Elizabeth describe their wines and their orgasms, both of which they enjoy with ease. It’s kind of like running into someone super-pretty you went to high school with and discovering that they’ve become even more beautiful than they used to be (nooo!), but that they’ve got a shitty job/life, so phew.
I’m always talking about my adorable niece. Here’s her YouTube debut:
And some cute cats:
3 Responses to “Hello, April”
  1. Thats exactly how I felt. We dont want to be here for the rest of our lives so I wanted to make sure we did as much as we could while we are here!

  2. Ok your niece is REALLY adorable!!

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