It was the best weekend ever

I have to keep this short since I have exactly two more classes in my graduate education and that means school work. I also just have to tell you about our wonderful weekend & a little about what I love about Washington, D.C.

We had friends visiting to go to the Gold Cup USA game on Sunday. Somehow that translated, as usual, into a full tour of our District.

Friday we laid low and stayed in. This was probably a wise decision because we did nothing but move the next two days.

Saturday we went to the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival at the National Harbor. We took the (Free!) trolley from the King Street metro down King Street, through Old Town, to the waterfront. I have to say it will be nice to be closer to this so we can explore Old Town. So pretty.

We took a water taxi ($8/person) over to National Harbor. We had four people so it was slightly more expensive than a regular cab, but if you have two, what a deal!

And of course, the food and the booze was awesome.

It was extremely hot. I really want to add a second “t” to that word it was so hot.

We took a cab from there to Judiciary Square area and headed home to hit the pool. After some relaxation and a dip, we went to 4912 Thai on Wisconsin.

The Friendship area is another part of town I enjoy. It isn’t full of tourists like Georgetown or Chinatown, so it is quieter — usually. There’s also a little bit of everything and the green-ness of the streets make it pretty.

The food at the Thai place wasn’t anything too extraordinary but it was good. The deck was nice and there wasn’t so much of a crowd that we felt ignored. Nice quiet dinner.

We walked down to Cheesecake Factory for dessert after that before stopping to see “Bridesmaids.” Great movie. Very funny.

Sunday our intention was to grab brunch at the Steak & Egg kitchen near Tenley before heading to RFK for the game. We forgot it was Father’s Day and that the brunch crowd would be out in force. So we skipped an hour-long wait there to head to Eastern Market, where we got a table at the Banana Cafe for late brunch, which I call lunch.

Game time. It was a double header and was sold out! Although, it was easy to see that most of the people there were there to see the El Salvador v. Panama game.

I had no idea there was such an El Salvadoran population in D.C. They were great fans. USA won and will play Panama, the winner of the second game, in Houston on Wednesday.

After the games we went to get dinner at Duffy’s, which I’ve already expressed my love for, to watch the Gamecocks beat Texas A&M in the College World Series. The cocks take on UVA Tuesday.

It was a fun weekend, one of the best ever. But now I’m tired. I have to say the worst part was the transit. I realized why I go very few places on the weekends. The metro is too slow and packed with tourists. It took entirely too long to get around. Rant over. (But seriously, WAMTA, you can do better).

Any HIMYM fans out there? Best night ever? Yeah. Great song.

4 Responses to “It was the best weekend ever”
  1. sharon says:

    love to see the photos with the details . you all look great

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