I’m on a boat

We crossed another item off the D.C. bucket list thanks to Living Social — cruise on the Potomac. A few months ago, the deal site had a happy hour cruise available via DC Harbor Cruises and I jumped on it. I know there are problems with sites like Living Social and Groupon, but I have yet to have a bad experience. And I find it’s a great way to do things I wouldn’t normally do.

Cruising the Potomac is on the bucket list, but having an added deal for it made it better. My one complaint was that drinks weren’t included. You’d think on a Happy Hour cruise, they would be. That being said, it was a great deal, fun time and the drinks were pretty inexpensive.

Plus, it’s cool to see all the same old monuments from the river and without all those crowds.

Did you know there’s a National War College? We saw it from the water and the property was beautiful. It looks like the perfect place for a picnic, if that kind of thing is allowed. (Buzzard Point Park, apparently).

I’d also like to know more about this Naval vessel. Being down by the waterfront made me realize there are a lot of  things and places in this city, and surrounding area, that we have yet to do or see in the three years we’ve lived here. (Navy Yard was packed with people. Need to do that, too.) The waterfront is really pretty and there was live music with outside BBQ pit. I’m determined to do more things like this now that I’m done with school.

It was a lot of fun until it started pouring! We were soaked by the time we cabbed to Sala Thai on U Street to use another coupon. Dinner was delicious and came with a side of live jazz. Another great deal down. (Anyone else always spend way over the coupon amount? guilty.)

Overall it was a fun Friday night. The same company does an 8 p.m. monuments at night cruise that I think would be fun (and I could cross off another bucket list item — monuments by night).

Plus another boat ride would allow me to sing “I’m on a boat” again.

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