Cookin’ up a storm

Like our setup? The computer with recipes a little iTuneage keeps cooking fun.

The past week we’ve been cooking up a storm. I guess, literally, as we’re in the middle of a hurricane.

Here’s a little of what we’ve been making:

Vegetarian stuffed peppers

We kind of failed miserably at these. I didn’t read the recipe all the way through first so I didn’t realize that it was a slow-cooker recipe. We improvised a little, so it worked out OK. But I really want to try this recipe for spicy black bean stuffed peppers instead.

Chicken Bruschetta

This continues my phase of turning my favorite apps into dinner. yum. I could seriously eat bruschetta every day.

I meant to combine two different recipes (see here and here) but I really ended up using the later more. We served it over linguine. Overall the recipe was so easy and delicious. It took no time at all to cook. The linguine was a little dry and next time I’ll probably drizzle some of the oil/balsamic mixture on top of the entire dish to add some moisture to the noodles.

Check out the Husband rocking his "Irish groom" apron. He's a great chef.

Then tonight, with the sound of a roaring hurricane outside, we cooked a pretty delicious dinner.

Big Apple Nosh‘s Squash, Potato and Goat Cheese Gratin that wasn’t too involved and turned out delicious.

ZenLizzie‘s Curry Zucchini Cakes that Chas says next time we’ll use less egg and I might add a little salt. We used curry instead of turmeric because we didn’t have the later and the patties smelled amazing. Good flavor, too.

We had a rotisserie chicken that we got at Safeway this morning for our quick hurricane preparedness run in the rain. Man, hurricanes are exciting!

OK, now let’s hope it all continues fine so we can keep watching documentaries on Instant Netflix.

3 Responses to “Cookin’ up a storm”
  1. mom says:

    Are the recipes on your site? they look great and I want to make the potato thing

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  1. […] unpacking and getting settled, but we were able to work back into a routine & do a ton of cooking. Our parents and grandmother came to visit our new place. We took a boat ride around the Potomac. […]

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