Exploring the Burbs

In the past month or so we’ve been trying to get used to our new surroundings. For us that means trying new restaurants.

One of our new favorites is Rampart’s Tavern. Good food, variety on the menu, a lot of beer choices (a must for the Husband), and 1/2 bottles of wine on Saturdays.

For nightlife, I’ve come to enjoy O’Connell’s in Old Town.  I really like chill bars where you can just grab a drink and have a conversation.

Chas fell for this Afghan Kabob House in Courthouse because you get all of this for around $10:

It was pretty delicious, too.

When friends visited we went to Rustico for its immense beer menu and to-die for pizzas.

We’ve also enjoyed Cafe Pizzaiolo, Extra-Virgin and TJ Stone’s. We’re having fun exploring the outside of the city so far.


I finished two books this week. Thought I would share my thoughts on them, although, we could just be friends on Goodreads and call it a day.

The first book was “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” that several friends have recommended.

“The Perks of Being A Wallflower” is the kind of book that will make you think. A lot. It’s heavy. It’s deep. It’s sad. It explores a lot of issues. It touches on all areas of life. It’s powerful.

And it does all of that well.

It takes a few letters to get used to Charlie’s voice. And there’s always a little confusion since it’s written by Charlie from only his perspective. Charlie doesn’t know everything and more importantly Charlie doesn’t tell the reader everything.

The book has a strong sense of building dread. I think this is because so many terrible things happen that Charlie kind of brushes off. He’s so disconnected he doesn’t quite “get” it. Or maybe he does and he just doesn’t want to share it.

As an outsider, the reader can see something isn’t quite right with Charlie or the story he’s telling. He’s leaving something out or avoiding it. So there is a constant tension.

That’s part of the brilliance of it. It’s similar to “Catcher in the Rye” with an even more troubled Holden Caulfield and without the traditional story arc. The reader doesn’t understand the conflict until the end. But it isn’t just a copy of Catcher. They are just similar and in a good way.

I read on Wikipedia that the books Charlie reads throughout Perks parallel the stories he tells and where he is at that point. I’d read a lot of the books but didn’t think about that part of the story very much. I think going back and examining that part of the story would be interesting.

And that’s an important note about this book. It is like Catcher in that you don’t really just read it. You have to think about it. A lot. In a good way.

After such a heavy book, I read “Sweet Valley Confidential: 10 Years Later.” Yep, Sweet Valley.

I was a pretty hardcore Sweet Valley reader as a kid so when I heard they were releasing an “adult” version I was intrigued. (I did some research. Did you know there were 158 SVH books? That’s just the original series. Not including the many spin-offs.)

It was nice to “catch up” with the characters and think about that part of my childhood. Other than that, the book wasn’t anything to really go into detail about.

The only thing really adult about the book was that Elizabeth and Jessica were 27 and dealing with adult issues. Oh, right and the cursing and sex scenes.

I would say anyone who used to read the books might be like me and enjoy reliving that a little. Otherwise, nothing too exciting.

But the best book I got this week:

I finally ordered a book of all of our wedding photos since we are one week away from our one year anniversary.

Now I just have to figure out what to get the Husband for such an occasion. Oh and defrost our cake topper.

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  1. mom says:

    Can we see the book as a project online too?

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