Blues City

Downtown Memphis

Recently we traveled to Memphis, Tenn. for a friend’s wedding. (I’ll actually be traveling pretty much every weekend but two in the next two months! Insanity! Anyway, going to Delaware this weekend for a getaway.)

It was the first time either of us had been there so we were excited about exploring the Southern city.

We probably should have done our homework before we arrived. (Note: I’m really bad at that. I don’t know how since my mother is so great at it.) We had no idea what to do or where we should go/see.

We managed though.

First things first, you go to Memphis, you eat BBQ. At least we knew that.

We went for Central BBQ, one of the top places in the city apparently. We’d heard about Rendezvous and Corky’s, but the Husband wanted to go somewhere that wouldn’t be so crazy, touristy.

(Note: a couple of friends tried both Central and Rendezvous and said Central was better. Plus the guy at the rental car place recommended Central over the others.)

Central BBQ

Central was a good choice. So much food for so little money. Yummy sauce, and really it’s all in the sauce. To-die-for potato salad.  Ah, BBQ heaven.

Then we walked around downtown, around the Mississippi River. (Our travel companions and the Husband had never seen it!)

Downtown Memphis is kind of strange. It has pockets that are hopping with business.

Beale Street, Memphis

And other parts are like ghost towns.

Main Street, Memphis

The trolleys were really cool though. Can’t wait until D.C. actually finishes its trolley line on H St.

Memphis trolley

We had an awesome beer or two at Boscos Brewery. The famous flaming stone beer was delish.

Boscos famous flaming stone beer

We also hit up Beale Street for some roaring nightlife and live music.

It reminded me a lot of Broadway in Nashville. The negative side was that most of the bars bad pretty high covers. What is up with that?

Plus side, drinking on the street.

They know how to drink in the South.

We met the bridal group at Paula Raiford’s disco. It was awesome. I pretty much always complain about music at dance places. It’s either too techno or too many songs I don’t know.

Not here. It was all older music (lots of MJ) and such a fun atmosphere. Downside: $10 cover. And they may have gone a little over board on that fog machine.

Paula Raiford's Disco

Overall, it had such a fun retro feel. Loved it. Even an old disco light up floor.

Since it was Memphis and kind of a big music town, we went to all the big music shops — Saint Blues Guitars and Gibson.

Saint Blues Guitar Workshop

Memphis also meant a chill-inducing walk around the Lorraine Motel and the Civil Rights Museum where MLK Jr. was assassinated.

Lorraine Motel

It really is a powerful spot just because it’s such a sad place.

Most of our time around Memphis was just walking around downtown (although, parking was plentiful).

We stopped in at the Arcade Restaurant randomly, just because I was a little bored and love really retro places.

Turns out the Arcade is Memphis’ oldest restaurant and is kind of an old style diner. It had an interesting story.

It didn’t have pie though so that kind of blew. Cool place though. The husband had a milkshake. I had coffee.

And the wedding was beautiful. We had a ton of fun dancing and eating cake, among the other delicious goodies.

Late-night snacks: red velvet cupcakes and chocolate milk

Congrats to the Sparks!

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  1. mom says:

    love the photos!!

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