Date night


The husband and I went out on a date night tonight. It was much needed. I’ve been traveling a lot and will be gone again later in the week.

I don’t think either of us realized how much a dinner out alone together was so important. Note: it is.

We just see eachother so much normally that we take these kinds of dates for granted. Anyone who has ever read relationship advice knows the common theme for maintaining a marriage is “date night.”

I’ll agree with this. Being away was nice — or as the husband said, he enjoyed playing guitar and eating what he wanted for Friday night but after that he needed someone to bug him. Ah, love.

So meeting up for dinner, even though we see each other quite often, was nice.  We even debated buying tickets for the Caps game on the street. We’re not that spontaneous though.

We met up in Chinatown at Zengo after work.

I’ve been to Zengo for happy hour before. Their HH is really good with most drinks and small plates at about $5. I’m a lover of small plates because you get to try a variety of foods. Hence, my love for Ping Pong Dim Sum (also in Chinatown).

The dinner on the other hand: well, mostly it is the same small plates for a little more cash. My favorite small plate is the chicken empanadas. Try them. Delicious.

We split edamame and vegetarian sushi. Both were delicious. After our main courses — chicken tandoori for me and crispy tofu for him — we splurged for green tea ice cream and hot tea.

After all that I’ll probably go back to Zengo again. I like that the dishes are unique and tasty with a variety of flavors — Latino, Asian and a little Indian fusion. Who wouldn’t love that?

It also offers unique and creative mixed drinks. Seriously, go there for happy hour.

Plus that vegetarian sushi — yum. (I’ve never had other sushi because I don’t eat fish. But that veggie roll with mushroom, red pepper and avacado? Perfection. I may just be a veggie sushi convert.)

2 Responses to “Date night”
  1. zenlizzie says:

    That sushi roll sounds perfect. I’ve tried a lot of sushi, but I always come back to veggie rolls because they are so fresh and light.

    • Liz says:

      Yeah, I always steer clear b/c of the fish thing. Why not make more sushi without fish? I’ll be on the lookout for more veg options then.

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