Happy grown-up Halloween

This Halloween made me fully aware of how old I’ve become. No dressing up. No parties. No drunken antics.

Nope. Just staying in and giving out candy to trick-or-treaters (and bratty teenagers who came back for more).

The husband and I even had a conversation about the last time we officially went trick-or-treating (ME: 13 for candy and 14 for UNICEF. HIM: 14 or t 15)

This Thought Catalog (When a Twentysomething Feels Old) really hit home:

You’ll feel old when your body starts to reject you. … Losing five pounds isn’t as simple as switching to salads for a week or “taking walks” anymore.

…  You’ll feel old when you don’t care about staying in on the weekend, when you cancel on your friends and they don’t care, either. You used to need a real excuse to sit out on a Friday, “I’m sick,” or “I’m going away this weekend,” but now all you have to say is, “I’m old as hell and I can’t go out two nights in a row without vomiting,” and no one will argue with that. I mean, how can you?

Oh. well. This is cute Halloween.

And a couple shots of Halloweens past:

Peanut butter-Jelly time

Keeping it country with a homemade hayride


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