Long day (in photos)

It’s been a long day. Seriously. I realized that for whatever reason I’d miraculously had taken several photos throughout my day, so here’s my day in photos:

8 a.m. DMV

8 a.m.: Early morning trip to the DMV for Virginia licenses and to fully register our new car! Yep, we got a car!

The wheels

Ran by the office then to the Hill.

1:30 p.m. waiting

1:30 p.m.: waiting in the halls of Congress for comments. Admiring the Hill’s grandeur.

2 p.m.: press scrum

6 p.m.: End of day

And then date night.

7 p.m.: fall in the District

7 p.m.: we met and drove over to Adam’s Morgan for dinner at Casa Oaxaca through a LivingSocial. I have a coupon problem. I keep buying Groupons/LS etc.

This was probably the first time we’ve had a noteably negative experience with a deal. I won’t say it was because of the coupon but basically the service just sucked. Terribly.

Two hours later (yeah, two hours sitting at the bar), we finally left and headed home. Because we drove it only took 20 minutes! Ah, I love D.C. when there’s no traffic.

Now it is time for some web surfing and then sleep before doing all, or well most of it, again.

Ah, life.

4 Responses to “Long day (in photos)”
  1. Clare says:

    Such a busy/fun day. Welcome to VA officially! I have a groupon/LS addiction too. We have 3 that are expirins in Feb and I’m trying not to forget to use them! Sorry you had a bad experience 😦 I do love driving home from DC w/o traffic – esp when you can see the monuments all lit up at night!

    • Liz says:

      such a crazy day, but I’ll take busy days over really slow ones anytime. I counted. I have something like 20 unused deals to use in the next few months. whoa.

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