Pura Vida: Honeymoon in Costa Rica

I’ve been promising this post for months. Well, here it is. At last.

See we honeymooned in March during my Spring Break. It was pretty perfect traveling at that time, although we did run into a few spring breakers in Costa Rica.

The entire trip was a bit of surprise and compromise. See I’ve had limited travel in my life. I’ve only ever been to Canada and I’m obsessed with Europe. That was my choice. But in our honeymoon discussions it came down to money. We could spend all our money on a European honeymoon or we could spend just a little, go on a mini-vacay, and use the money on other things/put it in savings. I’ll be honest these were actually pretty emotional debates/fights. I even cried at one point.

As much as it pained me, we chose the later. (I’ve been slowly saving for a European trip ever since though). The husband picked Costa Rica. I’m happy he did. It was … pure vida. He picked Costa Rica because it wasn’t as “typical” as Mexico or one of the Caribbean islands.

The resort's beach front

We flew straight into Liberia. The husband says it was a little more expensive but a much better trip compared to flying into San Jose and taking a four-hour bus ride. The spring breakers we met did this

We stayed at Barcelo Langosta Beach Resort in Tamarindo.

The pool at Barcelo Langosta in Tamarindo.

The resort was nice. Quiet beautiful. It had a large open lobby, beautiful pool and pretty beach front. Everyone there was really nice. One waitress even started calling us “dos cerveza.”

Barcelo resort in Tamarindo.

Oh right and the view …

The beach to the West and mountains to the South.

Mostly we just lazed around the hotel by the pool and beach. One day the husband had sun poisoning from too much pool time, so we stayed in and watched L&O and bad movies on HBO. Actually that was kind of wonderful. With school and work, that kind of downtime was much needed.

The husband, reading on the beach.

There was drinking. And even though we did the all-inclusive deal where you can drink whatever you want, we never once came close to getting drunk. Kind of strange. But I did discover a Brandy Alexander and quite liked it.

Enjoying a pina colada in Costa Rica.

We walked down the beach to the town nearby for some exploring.

Walking along the beach.

We really wanted to try some traditional Costa Rican cuisine. Unfortunately most of the places in town were tradition Western fare — pizzas, burgers, etc. We did find some arroz con pollo that was delish.

Grabbing some grub at a beach front deli.

Since this was our “cheaper” vacation option, we only spent money on one outing. I really wanted to go for the volcano trip but it was a full day trip and we just didn’t want to commit that kind of time to it. So we went for the sailing trip.


It was perfect. They took us out of the bay in a smaller group with a group of locals running it. The boat owners were from South Carolina, too, so small world there. The guys running the boat though were fun, nice and open about telling us all about traditional Costa Rica.

Our Blue Dolphin team.

The trip came with food and drinks. We discovered an awesome Costa Rican mixed drink — Cacique Guaro with fruit juice and sprite. Delish. They also introduced us to Salsa Lisano. We’re still savoring our bottle. (I need to find it around here. So good.)

The boat trip was even more relaxing than pool and beaching it. The view was quite breathtaking.

After cruising for a while, the guys pulled into a private cove and let us scuba, swim and kayak for a while. We chose to swim ashore and relax on the private beach.

Then we cruised back in the sunset to the bay.

After all that we had to leave. Come home. Back to reality.

Looking back it was a wonderful trip. It was exactly what it should have been. I don’t think there’s anything I would have changed. Perfection.

Setting sun over the Pacific in Tamarindo.

2 Responses to “Pura Vida: Honeymoon in Costa Rica”
  1. Anita Mac says:

    Sounds like an idyllic honeymoon/va-cay! Congrats on the nuptials. Maybe Europe will be an amazing anniversary trip!!!

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