Looking back: traveling in 2011


Bethany Beach, Del.

As 2011 gets closer to ending (something I’m not sure I believe really), I think I’ll re-count what’s happened this year. So here’s the first post: traveling in 2011.


Bike ride around Bethany Beach

I’ve done an unusual amount of traveling for me. Here’s the rundown:

March: Costa Rica for the honeymoon (another post about trying to recapture Costa Rican cuisine at home) and Columbia for a friend’s wedding

April: Columbia for a week when my grandfather died 

Lake Murray, S.C.

May: Nashville to visit family

July: Delaware shore with family (slacker, Liz, never posted about this even though I took photos for that purpose!) Clearly July was a busy month with the big move. And after going straight from full-time school to full-time work, a short vacation was heavenly.

Enjoying some champagne on the beach with a book.

August: Atlanta to visit my new niece and my best friend

September: Savannah trip to visit friends

October: Memphis for a friend’s wedding, Delaware shore for a Columbus Day vacation (see photos above), Columbia for a journalism conference, Denver for work (clearly missed some posts this month, too)

Out on Beale Street with great friends

November: also known as planes, trains and automobiles — drove to Columbia for a Carolina homecoming football game, flew back for a wedding & took a train down to Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving

My cousin got married!

December: Columbia for the holidays!

Whew. I traveled almost every weekend from October until December. I went as far West as the Pacific Ocean (Costa Rica) or maybe Denver (which is farthest does anyone know?) and as far north as … Delaware? I saw both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans & the Mississippi River.

The one thing on my to-do list that never made it was a quick camping trip in Appalachia that we traditionally do around July 4. This year was a no-go because of baby!

I don’t think 2012 will be quite as crazy, but you never know. I haven’t done a lot of traveling abroad before (hence my first overseas trip to Costa Rica). My family always loaded up our minivan for cross-country camping trips (Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Key West & Nova Scotia). I think that’s why this year’s endless travels has been so exciting for me.

So what was the best trip? Memphis was a lot of fun because we traveled with friends. But Savannah was great too.

Chas' pistachio, coconut cream pop.

Most memorable? Columbia in April with the family. I spent a whole week soaking in familial love and remember an amazing man, who I think about often.

Most relaxing? Both Costa Rica and Delaware in July.

I’m slowing turning the wheels on a possible European trip around our anniversary and I’d love to go on a ski weekend this winter. Other than that, I’m up for whatever 2012 has to offer.

Bon voyage!

2011 tasted delicious!


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