I’ll take that

Sick gameday

I’m still recovering from bronchitis and unfortunately I gave the husband the viral part so he has a bit of a cold. Bronchitis sucks. Especially the kind I get. For about three months in college, I had chronic bronchitis. Worse thing ever. I had to leave class because of coughing fits.

I just can’t stop coughing. Cough drops don’t help. Water barely helps. I go into fits where I just can’t breathe. I can’t sleep because the coughing is worse at night. As painful as it is, I think it’s more annoying for people around me.

So we stayed in again, nursing our sickness with sleeping late (last day of that, sadly) and watching college football. More importantly, we watched the Gamecocks beat Nebraska.

And there was this play:

Great way to end the season and start the new year, boys. Thank  you for that.

I also packed up our Christmas decorations, leaving just a few “winter” things about.

Packing up ornaments. Until next year, Cocky.

Our budding collection of Christmas decorations now have a storage spot for next year. I love the Cocky ornament my mother-in-law gave us for Christmas. It is the perfect addition to our small collection.

To recount, the tree survived past Christmas as everyone predicted, proving the Husband wrong. It was a bit messy to clean up though, so we discussed getting a fake tree next year. That’s a positive step for that argument.

I left the heart shaped ornaments out, hung off the bookshelf, for Valentine’s Day. I’m ready for this year!


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