My reading rainbow

I had been pretty behind on my reading for the year. My goal is 30 books, but I’d really like to get closer to 50. As of February, I’d only completed The Paris Wife (that I read for book club).

I was determined to get caught up on at least two books a month. I’m getting back on track. So here’s what I’ve added to my read list:

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

I’d seen the movie a while ago and it left me thinking for days. That’s when I read the original Outside Magazine article. The story is difficult to wrap my mind around. In college, I had several friends who liked the book because they could relate to it — the feeling that you want to be more connected with life and the world. The book certainly does that.

It’s worth reading as it is a powerful book. I like that Krakauer approaches McCandless’ life with a reverential tone. He is at the same time critical of the young adventurer but without being harsh about Chris’ “carelessness,” as some critics were.

I liked it. It’s a very compelling story. Quite sad. I don’t think I fully relate to Chris but I always enjoy good books and stories. He has a haunting story that’s for sure. So yeah, it is worth reading and it’s pretty short so it isn’t difficult to get through. I cried in parts to be honest, especially the parts about his family.

Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

I’ve not read Brown’s other novels so I wasn’t sure if I’d catch on to this one (the third in the Langdon trilogy). Having seen the movie, I was not lost. I read it because it is set in Washington. I wasn’t disappointed.

It was fast paced and quick to read. It had a nice level of depth — philosophy, religion, science, history all woven into the adventure. I can’t compare it to the other books, but I’d say this one is worth a read. I also like that you can read it separately, something I was very nervous about.

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

This was our second book club selection. I’ll be honest I probably would have never picked to read this book. Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs (it’s told from a dog POV), but it just didn’t seem like my kind of book. Now, however, I’m glad I read it.

I cried. Quite a lot actually. During our book club discussion over wine we talked about how it makes you more appreciative of being human and of your pets.

I recommend reading it. It is a powerful book, although I could have done without a good bit of the racing descriptions.

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

I decided I needed another quick, easy read after the heaviness that was Racing and Lost Symbol. Shopaholic was just that, but that isn’t to say it wasn’t worthwhile.

I actually read it in two days. So quick and easy. And really enjoyable. I love the character, the voice, the plot. It’s funny and relatable. “It’s an investment jacket.” I know I’ve thought that before. Becky’s antics are hilarious.

I’ve already started the second book and I’ll probably end up reading the whole series. Now I just want to watch the movie again. Ah, Hugh Dancy. Swoon. (Prince Char anyone?)

2 Responses to “My reading rainbow”
  1. Jessi says:

    I have Into the Wild! You can borrow it-I’ll bring it to the movie. It was really good- I read it a few months ago and couldn’t put it down 🙂

    • Liz says:

      I know. It’s good. Some of the extraneous hiking and other wayward wanders stuff I could have done without. But it was beautifully written and I think it really does Chris’ life justice.

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