Marching on

Wow. If I thought I had been bad about posting, I wasn’t prepared for March. I blame this mostly on a lack of doing anything eventful in March and the nice weather, which meant I was sitting outside reading for a good bit.

So I posted about some books that I read.

And a couple of awesome restaurants we went to. We did a lot of new cooking at home — lamb tagine, spicy chicken lettuce cups, Greek style quinoa burgers, shrimp and grits, and firey sweet pork with mango salsa served with coconut rice. Yum. Yet I didn’t post about any of those but here are the links. Tried, tested and liked.

We also did a lot of sitting on our patio on nice nights.

We did go see 21 Jump Street (laughed the entire time) and Hunger Games (just loved it!). I never posted about it though.

March has been tough. It hasn’t exactly been the greatest month, so I didn’t really feel like sharing. In fact, for most of the month, I avoided the Internet with the hopes that I wouldn’t say something I might regret later.

That’s why I made a playlist to make me feel better.

Here are some more of my March songs: (apparently I went through a strange 1990s phase)

Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty

Building a Mystery – Sarah Mc.

Eyes Open – Taylor Swift

Hand Me Down – Wallflowers

Mr. Tambourine Man – Bob Dylan

Lucky – Jason Mraz

Everybody Talks – Neon Trees

Eclipse (All Yours) – Metric

But it’s April now and that’s my month. My birthday month. My favorite month! I’m thinking this April will be great. Or at least better than March.



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