Where the heart is


Over the last few years I’ve noticed how difficult it gets to leave Carolina (particularly Columbia) after spending just a few short days there visiting family and friends. We never really get to go back for long or very often and that makes it all the more difficult to leave.

After a few months I start missing it — my parents and siblings, family and friends, the cat and dog. So we decided we needed to soak in some Carolina time over the Easter weekend.


We spent ample time with family. We had a couple large family dinners including one out at Pawley’s Front Porch, Columbia’s most recent raved about burger joint. It really was as good as Guy F. said.

Saw the Gamecocks play. I haven’t been to see the Cocks play since they won not one but TWO national championships! I was seriously bummed that I missed the big parade in town last summer after the team clinched a repeat win in Omaha.

Plus that new stadium is amazing. I had fun just laying around in the berm with family. And the Gamecocks won the series against the Vols 2-1.

We had a casual baby shower for my sister in law. My other sister did a spectacular job bringing Pinterest ideas to life. Seriously look how pretty she made it!

And my attempt at gourmet, fresh strawberry cupcakes turned out pretty good. (Recipe here. Note the frosting didn’t come out quite right since the strawberry puree kind of make it watery.)

The husband and I got to spend some time with our friends, too. I love when he gets to play golf with his best buddy.

And I got to spend a lot of time with this little booger and the rest of the clan.

Not sure when we are heading back South, but I kind of hope it’s soon.

One Response to “Where the heart is”
  1. mom says:

    love this post
    miss you already and so does the cat who never has enough snuggle time

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