Liz White, the soundtrack, Pt. 2

We left off when I was 13. But before that, I feel like I may need to explain the craziness that is this post. I really just wanted to share some funny stories, embarrassing moments and great music with everyone. Looking back on my life like this is kind of fun, especially because I feel like music is such a huge part of who I am.

I’ll explain that in a bit.

R3wind – Better Than Ezra

This was the beginning of my indie music kick. Sure BTE had a popular song a few years earlier but I didn’t realize that. My obsession with BTE started my love of music as a message and making mixed CDs for every moment. I first saw them as a teenager when my brother took me to their performance at the USC student union. I felt so freaking cool watching them play in the campus ballroom.

Cut a tape of my favorite songs
Said what I can’t face to face
I hoped that you would share all my thoughts
We are young and unimpressed, with all you’d recognize

Love Song For No One – John Mayer

Let me get this straight, I was not a John Mayer fan girl. I never thought he was attractive. I didn’t want to have his babies. I just appreciated his music. No seriously. I also loved that he would actually talk on stage (why doesn’t he do this anymore?). My best friend and I had a document with all our favorite John Mayer on-stage rants. I also saw him in concert too many times to count. *Blush*

One of the many John Mayer concerts.

New York, New York – Frank Sinatra 

At some point I got really lost in my dreams. I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be a starving artist. I guess you could say I liked that idea — living in New York, writing, struggling. It seemed so gritty and real. Pretty far away from South Carolina and small-mindedness. This was the beginning of my hippie days. I realize now that a lot of kids go through this at some point. I’ve met so many people who still maintain this “starving artist” dream. Is it sad that I don’t buy into that “dream” any more?

Hippie Liz, sweet sixteen.

The Times They Are A Changin’ – Bob Dylan 

Then came Bob. He changed my life. He opened my eyes to history and politics. Suddenly there was someone else out there who sang about things I was thinking. At this point in time America was just getting ready to go to war with Iraq and I was one of three students who didn’t like this decision. It’s incredible to me how relevant his lyrics still are. I don’t think the Spice Girls have quite that amount of staying power — no offense, they just had Spice Power. And that’s how Bob came to be my favorite artist and my favorite writer.

Volcano – Damien Rice 

Damien was my next obsession. I got into his music prior to his big U.S. popularity. During the Damien days, I would just lay around or drive around listening to O or his B Sides on repeat. I did this with a lot of music but Damien was the most. I hardly ever listen to music like this anymore. In fact, there’s a great quote from “One Day” that I think kind of says it all:

“It would be inappropriate, undignified, at 38, to conduct friendships or love affairs with the ardor or intensity of a 22 year old. Falling in love like that? Writing poetry? Crying at pop songs? Dragging people into photobooths? Taking a whole day to make a compilation tape? Asking people if they wanted to share your bed, just for company? If you quoted Bob Dylan or TS Eliot or, god forbid, Brecht at someone these days they would smile politely and step quietly backwards, and who would blame them? Ridiculous, at 38, to expect a song or book or film to change your life.”

But this was 17. I wanted to move to Ireland and work as a reporter, live as an expat.

It’s All Over Now Baby Blue – Bob Dylan 

I kind of went through a rough point, first love and all of that. This is where life diverges. I no longer wanted to make mixed tapes and find new music. I didn’t want to sit and listen to tunes. I wanted to have fun. I suppose this is the point in my life’s soundtrack where you’ll notice the songs meanings etc. become more relevant than the artist. I already had my favorites. I don’t think another artist will come around to “change my life.” That’s Bob’s title.

American Girl – Tom Petty 

My superfun bestie

Ah, college. So much fun. Full of discovering oneself, making friends, doing crazy things. Ah, yeah, take it easy, baby.

True Love Way – Kings of Leon

Then I met and fell for some silly boy. I spent two years chasing him, but I caught him in the end. This was a volatile period. Love always is.

The hubby and I kind of fell for each other over KoL. He was obsessed with them and I, being the intuitive girl that I am, totally played that for all I could. We trekked across the Southeast to concerts. I think it’s poignant that we went to see KoL a few months after officially moving in together but haven’t been back since.

Two – Ryan Adams 

At some point I’m probably going to get tired of making these lists. I think this may be a half-assed choice.

It takes two when it used to take only one

I suppose that’s why.

All I Believe In – The Magic Numbers

Why are you still reading? See, if I got bored. This really is my song for 23 but I don’t know why. I guess life was just boring then. Even my Facebook photo albums for 23 are boring. But that changes.

Let My Love Open the Door – Pete Townshend 

Married! The husband likes to make fun of me because sometimes I say stupid things. Like this one time while playing Taboo! I kept yelling  my guess “Howard Houdini” over and over only to realize as the buzzer rang that it’s technically Harry Houdini. This leads to our wedding, where as we are preparing to walk in someone asks what song we are coming in to and I say, ” Peter Townshend’s Let My Love Open the Door.” He laughed. I guess he really goes by Pete not Peter.

So what makes 25? 


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