Glamourous and overwhelming

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I’m exhausted after last night’s White House Correspondent’s Association dinner. It was quite an experience. Overwhelming and fun.

There so too many celebrities and politicians to keep track. My guest tried. I tried tweeting them all but they just kept coming. At one point, Asif Mandvi (Daily Show) came in beside me and I audibly gasped. *facepalm

The highlight of the night was Daniel Radcliffe, who was especially friendly. Dream come true.

I think Elizabeth Banks was the best dressed. She looked incredible. Malin Ackerman was the nicest. And George Clooney was nowhere in sight. I did catch a brief glimpse of Reese Witherspoon before she was whisked away (literally whisked). Kelly Ripa was waiting in line for the bathroom, not something you see everyday.

See what I mean, on and on.

President Obama’s speech was hilarious, even better than Jimmy Kimmel. Seriously, watch it on C-Span. (It was funny that the Hilton bar was actually showing C-Span replay later too. Only bar in America with C-Span on.)

And since I can’t give a great write up (too exhausted), here are some links via Time, Huffington Post, so many more.

Also, here’s the link to my up-do. Thank you Pinterest!

Now I have to go do laundry. I bet none of those celebs had to do that today.

One Response to “Glamourous and overwhelming”
  1. I totally stalked your twitter all night following this! So fun. (I’m a bit jealous!)

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