Extra! Extra! We’ve got news!

I actually sat down to write this a while ago but I’ve been waiting to share our news. Most of our close friends know by now, but there’s so many more people to tell. And today I get to make it public, something I’ve been dreaming of for months even though it’s coming a lot sooner than expected.

We’ve got big news.

And no, I’m not pregnant.

We’re moving.

To South Carolina!

Back the sunny South.

It’s been a tough decision but after careful consideration and much discussion, we’ve decided it will be for the best, for our sanity and our happiness.

Both of us love D.C. quite a lot. We’ve made some incredible friends along the way. We’ve had so many great experiences and done some cool stuff. But there’s just something about S.C. It’s home.

Lately our unhappiness has intensified. You’ve probably noticed, via Twitter, WordPress, Facebook. I’ve been slightly avoiding social media in the hopes of not giving too much of this away or saying something I’ll regret. I won’t get into all the details here but the truth is we are just ready for this big move.

We moved to D.C. four years ago exactly. I feel like I’ve done D.C. Like I’ve always said, I’m a Southern girl at heart and the palmetto trees and the country roads are calling me home.

It’s funny because as a kid my biggest goal was to always leave S.C. I mean I had journals upon journals about leaving that place. I dreamed of living in D.C., and here I am dying to go back. We miss our family and our friends. We miss a place where everything moves much slower. Where there’s good college football. Heat. Sweat. Humidity. Sweet Tea. Biscuits.

It’s true the South is a much simpler place. That doesn’t mean the people are simple. It just means life isn’t so busy and you aren’t running a constant rat race to something unknown.

This is a bittersweet decision, for sure. Just a few short months ago, we were discussing staying in D.C. for a few more years, thinking about our little family and what that would mean. A year ago, before moving, we didn’t want to move if it meant we’d only be in D.C. for a year. Now that’s exactly what happened.

The little unhappy cracks started growing. It sucks to not have much holiday or vacation time and to realize that means you see your family once or twice a year. It sucks that this year we likely wouldn’t have had a Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday because of Congress. It sucks that I missed the last big hoorah of my best friend before moving to Guam. It sucks that we weren’t there for the birth of our new nieces or the endless number of drumming shows and ballet recitals that have come and gone.

I realize these are parts of life. You can’t have everything. It turns out, however, this is something we can have. It just takes a bit of sacrifice and risk. We’ll be much happier in Columbia and that’s a priority for us.

The big question you have, I’m sure, is what will we be doing back down south. We don’t actually know as of yet. We’ll be living my parents for a bit and that’s scary in its own sense.

But today I got some more big news. I got a job! That’s pretty huge for me since I’ve been praying (literally) for this job for months. I almost cried.

And while the husband hasn’t found something, just yet, we’re excited about this journey. I know he’ll find something pretty quickly. I mean he’s got a M.A. from Georgetown after all.

There’s still a ton of details to work out of course. Start dates, moving dates, etc. There’s a lot up-in-the-air.

I know it’s tough roads ahead but we’ll get through this. We have enough love and support. As someone who’s very much into making lists and planning ahead, I’m ready to throw caution to the wind and just jump (have I mentioned I’m afraid of heights?).

There’s a whole lot to come and it’s likely to be a bit crazy in the next month, but I can’t wait to see you all back down south.

Anyone want to go to happy hour to celebrate?

2 Responses to “Extra! Extra! We’ve got news!”
  1. I am sooo so so happy for you guys! I kinda teared up reading your post, not gonna lie. I think you both will be much happier and I hope we can visit you guys lots!!

    • Liz says:

      And we’ll visit you all too! Love you guys. Thanks for all the support and listening to my complaints over the last few months. I’ll be reading book club books down South still.

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