City Dining

The two weeks’ countdown continues.

Jess and I finally had our Indian dinner night out at one of my long awaited stops — Rasika in Penn Quarter. (See the foodie bucket list)

I will definitely miss the amazing Indian food stops in the DMV area. Rasika is certainly one of my favorites. Every thing was incredibly delicious and flavorful. Each dish (and beverage) has been crafted for optimum scrumptiousness.

And the place had great atmosphere. It’s no wonder I’ve never been able to get a reservation. It is commonly called one of the best restaurants in the city. That’s easy to see (and taste).

As we were sitting there enjoying our cardamom ice cream (swoon) I kept thinking it just felt like city dining. I’m not sure that makes much sense beyond my own mind. Rasika just feels like the kind of place you find in a big city -cool atmosphere, incredible food and flavors, bustling kitchen, and so on.

It was a bit pricey, but if you get there before 6:30 you can do the $35 pre-theater menu, which includes an appetizer, entree and dessert. Trust me on that dessert. The cardamom ice cream.

Oh and try that Palak Chaat, or fried spinach appetizer. I could eat an entire bowl of that. It’s probably the best Indian appetizer I’ve had. Or maybe just the best in general.

I can’t rave enough about a restaurant that is such a wonderful dining experience. Sure, you’ll put away a few bucks at Rasika, but it’s worth it. Easily.

One Response to “City Dining”
  1. Clare says:

    I’m so bummed I missed this! Everything sounds and looks delicious. I will have to go at some point…if not for anything else but to try that ice cream!

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