Weekend in the ATL

One big plus to living in S.C. is the ability to travel. South Carolina really is perfectly situated, and Columbia is right in the heart of it. It’s one and half hours to Charleston, two hours to Myrtle Beach, four-ish hours to Savannah and Asheville. But best of all Atlanta is only three and half hours a way.

My best friend lives there with her fiance. I’ve seen very little of her in the four years that we lived in D.C. But since moving back to Carolina, I’ve been able to visit her several times. Atlanta really is an easy weekend getaway.

The birthday girl

The birthday girl

Columbia is kind of a small city so it’s nice to be close enough to a larger city. I can get a little of that city life I miss so much. That includes trying a ton of new places.

For her birthday, my friend made reservations at Takorea, a Korean-Mexican place in Midtown. The drinks were reasonably priced and the food was great.

Takorea in Atlanta.

Takorea in Atlanta.

So much flavor.

After dinner we went to Johnny’s Hideaway in Buckhead. It’s known for being the “cougar” place and yeah, that’s accurate. The average age of the patron here is easily 55. It was like walking into a brave new world — disco ball and music included. They played everything from Frank Sinatra to Spice Girls. It’s easily the kind of place you go to dance, dance, dance and belt out all those old favorites.

What a strange place.

sooner or later we'll get a good one ...

sooner or later we’ll get a good one …

Saturday the boys went off to Red Brick Brewing for a tour and tasting while we went shopping. I wish we’d made it back to the brewery in time for a tasting but alas Atlanta traffic had other plans.

As per a recommendation for a beer-loving friend, we went to Wrecking Bar Brewpub near Little Five Points. Easily one of my favorite places now.

wrecking bar flight

wrecking bar flight

The beer list was, as the husband would say, tremendous. The food options (we did a couple of snacks) were great too. We would have stayed for dinner but wanted to try as many new places as possible.


The key to a good iPhone bar photo: use a flashlight app from other iPhone and turn the flash off. Trial and error testing complete.

We walked from there to The Porter Beer Bar on another recommendation. The place was teeny tiny and very crowded but the beer list was quite extensive. My friend had said the burger was “the best burger in the world.” First bite — totally true. There was just something life changing about that burger. Certainly a winner.


And finally, we ended the busy weekend with brunch at Stone Soup Kitchen in East Atlanta (Grant Park, maybe? I’m terrible with these neighborhood names) with one adorable little girl.

Lusie and her papa

Lusie and her papa

We also had brunch at J. Christophers. A good choice, but I hear Rosebud is the place to go in the ATL for brunch. Looks like another weekend getaway is in order …

Seriously, huge thank you to our wonderful hosts. I love being so close to them.


One Response to “Weekend in the ATL”
  1. larueneuve says:

    Glad you’re close to good friends. And I LOVE the iPhone photography tip!

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