Promises and goals


I’ve been getting much better about trying to reach my health goals. My efforts aren’t perfect of course but I’m getting active and watching what I eat (most days).

My ultimate goal is to work out four days a week. Why? Well, even getting to one is kind of a pain for me.

Back in January a friend goaded me into getting a Groupon deal for kickboxing at a local marshal arts studio. It’s been challenging for sure but most weeks we go once.

I’ve loved the experience even if I feel nervous before every class. In fact, I would stick with it if the studio was closer  and it wasn’t so expensive regularly.

A few weeks ago I found another Groupon for a local yoga studio. My mom and I started going last week and we went again tonight.

I’ve also heard recently about two zumba classes within a mile of my house. They are close by, cheap and at a reasonable time. My sister-in-law and I have been promising to go for about three weeks now. And we’re finally going to get to it tomorrow. (fingers crossed)

That’s three days. My muscles are sore. I can feel a difference in my energy levels. I’m pretty proud of myself for doing this and making this change in my life. It’s baby steps, I realize. But it’s something.

So I want to get to four days. And I want to have fun this weekend. I’m going to put this out there for the Internet to hold me accountable.

I came up with the perfect Saturday plan. Go to a work thing early — 9 a.m. — then visit my grandmother who lives near the kickboxing studio.

Then. Go. To. Kickboxing. On. Saturday. 

eek. See I’ll have to go alone. My friend went once without me so I have one extra class on her. That’s extra daunting.

After kickboxing, I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of my weekend fully. I can go shopping as a reward. Take a nap and then go out with friends. Seriously, if I can do this, it will be my perfect Saturday. Every weekend my Saturday plans are all the same — sleep, read, workout, clean and be productive. Somehow it never happens that way.

I must do this. I must. I mean it’s online so it has to be true, right? Can someone just send me a message and make sure I actually get up?

6 Responses to “Promises and goals”
  1. MOM says:

    yoga was awesome!

  2. April says:

    Fun! Is the kickboxing place way the hell out in NE Cola? I used to do it a lot but have the same problem now, there’s nowhere close enough that offers it. If you like group classes, I go to Stronghold for 5:30 p.m. classes, right after work. Close by and cheap!

    • Liz says:

      It’s way out in Irmo. So just as sucky. What’s stronghold?

      • April says:

        Stronghold is a gym on Huger St. They have rock climbing (I don’t do that part) and the usual gym equipment and classes. Yep, Irmo is just as far seeming as NE Cola.

  3. Joined a gym yesterday. I’ve been meaning to do it since I moved and keep putting it off. Ever since I ran my first 5K about this time last year I’ve been slacking really bad. I’m super intimidated about finding time in my schedule to get in the workouts (work Tues-Sat and have that extra hour+ commute) but I’m hoping having a monthly payment and a contract will motivate me. Glad to hear you’re doing well! This post gives me some inspiration/motivation!

    • Liz says:

      Good luck, Fel! I tried the gym thing and didn’t have much luck. I like taking classes because it’s so different. Every day I’m doing something different, not just going to toil on a treadmill. It’s much more enjoyable. Check out if the gym has classes and try to schedule those like you would a regular class.

      I feel you on the schedule thing. Sometimes it just falls short. But I think it’s also part of the motivation. I could always come up with an excuse. I still do. When I suck it up and go, I feel much better. Of course, I say this while I’ve decided not to go tonight because I have a headache. That’s my biggest struggle. Timing and really sticking with it.

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