A girls’ weekend in Virginia wine country


When my best friend got engaged, I immediately started thinking about a girls’ weekend getaway. She’s one of the funnest people to be around so I knew it would be a blast. We kind of had a mini girls’ weekend in D.C. last year so I was ready for this.

My bachelorette was two years ago. I’d been planning another “second bachelorette” for a while just because. A girl needs time with girlfriends. But Jess’ weekend was the perfect escape.

Another friend and I started working on her plan months ago. The bride wanted to do a weekend in wine country, staying at a cabin and visiting different vineyards. California was out of the question. (Too expensive and too far) We decided on Virginia, which has such a beautiful landscape and so many options for vineyards.

The husband and I did a winery tour outside D.C. last year so I knew we would find really nice places to visit.

It was a bit of a drive for those of us in Atlanta and South Carolina, but well worth it.

view from the mountain porch

Here’s where we stayed (and I highly recommend it). The cabin was beautiful, great view and nice amenities — hot tube anyone?

Absolutely perfect escape cabin

I even built us a fire in the fire pit. We sat out in the cold, drinking, talking and dancing to iPhone music. Such fun.

My friend found us a limo driver who knew exactly how to make our weekend awesome. First he recommended our winery itinerary. We were to visit four nearby wineries: Wisteria, Gadino, Gray Ghost and Narmada.

I had my doubts. Four is a lot of stops. And a lot of wine. But we pulled it off. It was tiring but a lot of fun.

I can’t speak for the others. Narmada was my favorite. It was an Indian winery, with a small food menu and a broad delicious set of wines. Plus, as the last stop, we were able to sit outside and enjoy our time a bit more.

Narmada winery

I think most of the girls enjoyed our first stop, Wisteria. It was a small farm. They were having a sheep shearing (not something you see everyday).

wisteria vineyard sheep shearing

And we tasted about 12 different wines. Most were pretty good and we all came home with a bottle. But we really had to rush here so there wasn’t much time to enjoy the vineyard itself.

Wisteria vineyard

Gadino had a beautiful view and we loved sitting outside by the vines. The wines weren’t bad but no one was blown away either. It was just such a gorgeous place. They had outdoor games and that would have been fun, but we had to rush off to our next stop.

Gadino winery

Gray Ghost was also very pretty and we liked our service (as we did at all the stops). The wine was good as well. But I think out of four vineyards, you’re going to get a little wined-out.

gray ghost winery

I wish I knew more about our driver because I highly recommend him, Landon. He knew his stuff. He set up the limo during breaks and restocked our snacks. He brought us our picnic lunch. One time when we ran out of wine during our drive home, he pulled over to get more out of the trunk. Seriously, an awesome guy.

Our limo driver, Landon

Our limo driver, Landon

We went back to the house for more girls’ fun. Everyone was pretty exhausted so it wasn’t a wild night. It was a nice quiet (well as quiet as 10 girls can be) night in.

All in all, an incredibly fun weekend making many new friends and enjoying some good wine.


One Response to “A girls’ weekend in Virginia wine country”
  1. Natasha says:

    hahah this looked like so much of fun. love the last picture 😉 how was that sheep shearing? do they really sit still?

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