What does 26 mean exactly?

I’m starting to have trouble with picking songs for my many months and years. When it comes to summarizing an entire year in three-ish minutes, well, you can see how that’s not easy.

I don’t know why I’ve decided to track my life like this (Liz White soundtrack part one and two). It made sense at 18. Music still speaks to me in that way — there is a song for every moment, after all.

But this year isn’t easy to sum up. A lot has changed since 25 came to an end –we moved, bought a house and have struggled in our marriage much more than we had previously. It hasn’t all been big changes. There’s a lot of small steps and smaller celebrations.

And the future is so gray and murky. I’ve reached that point where I’m not working toward something any longer –graduating, a career, a marriage, etc. I’m just living.

So what is 26?

I settled on two songs. I played them a lot before the move and a little after.

Back Down South – Kings of Leon (making that the second KoL song on my soundtrack)


Country Roads, Take me Home – John Denver

I’m not sure what will happen at 27, but I guess I’ll find out. Cheers to the end of 26.

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