The long delay

Wow I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a month. I mean I’ve been meaning to and then life happened. I get that life is always about balance — work, family, relationships, self — but how does one make time? I don’t even have children and all that responsibility.

I have this ongoing list of things to do — write, read, watch the appropriate amount of TV/lazy down time, hang out with friends, travel, exercise, clean/organize. On days when I get a good number of those things checked off my list I feel so very accomplished. One recently Saturday I cleaned the house, washed clothes, went to the grocery store, finished a book (while getting some sun) and then cooked dinner.

But then there are days where I’m running between “things to-do” and I never seem to get anything done. Life has been nothing but busy lately. The nights where I just come home after work and veg are few and far between, hence the no blogging.

I did take time last week to re-cast my “novel.” I’ve read about 17 books so far this year so I’m on track to reach my goal. I’ve scheduled lunches and happy hours with friends and co-workers. I was regularly making it to yoga with my mom or in town but naturally working out is the first thing to go on my list (I’m trying to break this, too).

I feel like I need to create an hour-by-hour schedule for my evenings after work. That might work but there’s always something else coming up — a late night in the office or spur of the moment dinner with family. I keep telling myself I’ll blog once a week and write once a week and read every night in place of an hour of TV.

I really can’t complain. I love being busy. And it’s not like I’m stacked against piles of dirty laundry (that does happen) or whiny mouths to feed. And being busy breaks up the monotony of the winter months and my inevitable seasonal affective disorder.

Moving back to the South certainly helped break up some of the “rat race” feeling that’s so prevalent in big cities. The South moves at it’s own pace as if the world spins a little slower here (maybe that explains some of the heat).

But really is there any way to actually make time for the many things we want to?

So to keep this short, here’s my month … in photos.


A new kitten, stress, Parisian treats, campfire, family, mountains, book club, campus and the beach


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