New year, new you, new blog


Since I’ve been off from work for the past week for the holidays, I thought I would take some time to catch up on me and kick off the new year with some perspective. Like most people I’ve been wrapped up in the day-to-day and I tend to forget the bigger picture. Today I took the time to sit around and meditate, sort of. I want to find the time to be more mindful in my daily life, to really live and think, to not be so hasty to forget myself.

It’s not just about me time or being selfish. I spend plenty of time alone with my thoughts. What it was really about was focusing on how I can bring this stop-and-think attitude in to everything. How can I arrange my life so that I get the most out of it? OK I realize that sounds a little nuts. You can’t plan life even if I want to try, but there are steps I can take to make myself more mindful.

I started off with my favorite lazy morning routine — coffee and brainless TV (Law & Order). Then I went to yoga downtown. For most of the year I’d been going to yoga regularly at least once or twice a week but for some reason that dropped off in August. I desperately need to get back on that bandwagon. I like going to City Yoga because the instructors all talk about philosophy and ideas while you practice so it’s not just a “workout.” Today’s class aptly was about hugging the inner you and finding new perspective moving forward in the new year.

Then I organized my year with a new planner. I know I’m crazy for still carrying around these things but it’s just something I love. A place to organize my lists and notes and keep track of my life.

Because naturally one of my goals this year is to really find the motivation to be healthier, I set up MyFitnessPal account again to really track my food and workouts. I know every year millions of people promise to lose weight in January. I know this is nothing new for myself. Last year started out strong and I lost 10 pounds by March but then gained it all back from July until now. I completely stopped paying attention to what I knew was bad food and stopped working out altogether. Sure this is something I’ll probably always struggle with but I’m not going to stop struggling with it just because.

Then I took some time to write. I’ve only done this sporadically when my emotions are spinning in circles and I need to think or clear my head. In 2014, I want to do this more intentionally, taking the time to write about how I’m feeling. I have a short fuse. I get stressed easily. I get emotional and then I push those emotions aside because I’m not a crier. But everyone needs time to let their natural emotions just be. Maybe if I take a few minutes each week to be at one with my emotions, I’ll be happier and more complete. I can move on from those petty annoyances that I tend to focus on for weeks.

Post me time, I met some girlfriends for a last minute happy hour. It’s amazing the kind of therapy one can get from a couple of drinks and silly conversation with friends. I’m lucky enough to have some cool people in town to hang out with. I hope our little happy hour group (aka book club) can continue to grow. These girls are awesome and I feel really blessed to know them all now.

When I came home, I finished out my night with dinner with the husband and snuggles from our two kittens — Jack and Joey. I’ve long been an advocate for pets as therapy and this is certainly true. There’s nothing that can soothe an unsettled soul like a purr from a kitten.

At the end of the day, I feel like I may be ready for a new year. The title is bit misleading. I don’t think it’s really a “new me.” As we talked about in yoga today, I think it’s more about being the best possible me I can. I don’t want to change myself, I just want to find a way to be more mindful in who I am.

So to that, cheers. Happy new year! Let’s hope I keep up this blogging thing as I’ve resolved to.

One Response to “New year, new you, new blog”
  1. April Blake says:

    I agree- it’s so hard to get caught up in the day to day minutae they never stops coming that it feels like there’s no time to make personal progress. Wish I could have made it to happy hour last week, and looking forward to book club next weekend!

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