On friendship

I’ve been thinking about friendship quite a lot lately. In June, my D.C. book club read Rachel Bertsche‘s “MWF Seeking BFF.” It’s about a Chicago-transplant’s year-long search for a new best friend. Then I moved back to Columbia, where I’ve been pondering new/old friendships. To be honest, friendship is something I think about pretty often. … Continue reading

Blogging, connections, self

Is blogging egotistical? I had essentially this argument/conversation with my brother over the weekend. It started when I read a piece in Jezebel about a story about a blogger. Whoa, that sounds complicated. Essentially the Jezebel story kind of pulls out pieces of the news profile about a blogger to highlight some of the more … Continue reading


For the past month of so my motorola droid has been dying. Well, not dying per se but driving me crazy. It would turn itself off randomly. It wouldn’t let me accept phone calls. It started dropping calls like crazy. One day it just told me to turn left. When I check out the screen, no … Continue reading

Seven things about me

Cool. So Clare over at Worries and Wisdom posted this Tell Me About Yourself blog. And linked to me to post, too. Now what to post? 1. When I was 12 I came to D.C. for the first time (that I remember) and told myself, “one day I will live here.” Strange how that actually … Continue reading

Where have all the kick-ass female leads gone?

Let me first apologize for this post for three reasons. 1. It’s long. 2. Being such a nerd. 3. It’s somewhat of a rant I’m a nerd. There I said it. When we are younger, that is like the scariest thing we could ever admit. But something happened in the past few years and I’m … Continue reading

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