Pinterest project: Easter cake

I guess I’ve become somewhat of a baker. That’s probably why my mom immediately asked me to make dessert for our Easter lunch. (Maybe this means I’ll finally get a stand-mixer for my birthday?) I, of course, took to Pinterest for a solution. I was interested in the Peeps S’mores but that wasn’t a great … Continue reading

Irish tradition

I’m a big St. Pat’s person. Not the whole mid-day drunk kind of thing. My mom started talking a lot about Ireland and all things Irish years ago. Naturally she passed that obsession on to me. Every year I love breaking out the Irish food and beer. So here’s what I made. Shepherd’s Pie My … Continue reading

Adventures in cooking

It’s winter time (most of the time at least) and that means I’m reverting into my SAD state. I don’t do cold weather. So we’ve been cooking at lot. I’m taking this as a chance to try all new things, branching out, ya know. I made baked tacos for our friends’ big move. It was … Continue reading

Cake tradition

Every year for my dad’s birthday (Jan. 2) my grandmother used to make this delicious pound cake. Chocolate pound cake. And it was drizzled with this ahmazing icing. penuche icing to be technical. Then she would hide a silver dime in it for good luck. (My brother always found the dime. It was rigged I … Continue reading

Meal planning

The husband and I do a lot of cooking. It’s a habit we started when we first moved to D.C. and realized we had to become adults. Back in college I only ever cooked stir-fry, boxed cookies/cakes and spaghetti. I’m unsure of what that means I actually ate for four years. Post-college living was clear … Continue reading

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