New year, new you, new blog

Since I’ve been off from work for the past week for the holidays, I thought I would take some time to catch up on me and kick off the new year with some perspective. Like most people I’ve been wrapped up in the day-to-day and I tend to forget the bigger picture. Today I took … Continue reading

Bare face

I’m such a girl. I love make-up. I just can’t help it. Also, my own self-consciousness and self-deprecation make cosmetics the perfect obsession. I mean I love my no-make-up-required weekends just as much as the next girl, but somehow I came to be like most American women — I just don’t go anywhere without make-up … Continue reading

The long delay

Wow I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a month. I mean I’ve been meaning to and then life happened. I get that life is always about balance — work, family, relationships, self — but how does one make time? I don’t even have children and all that responsibility. I have this ongoing list of … Continue reading

Promises and goals

I’ve been getting much better about trying to reach my health goals. My efforts aren’t perfect of course but I’m getting active and watching what I eat (most days). My ultimate goal is to work out four days a week. Why? Well, even getting to one is kind of a pain for me. Back in … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

Last night we had a housewarming party for our first house. We spent all day cooking to get ready and the husband cleaned like crazy. I’ve been saying it was to make up for our canceled going away party in Washington this summer. We’re pretty much settled into this new home and it’s quite lovely. … Continue reading

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