2013: a year in review

2013 in photos

I find it kind of funny that so many apps are starting “year in review” services. It’s kind of cool (and maybe a little scary) that it will automatically tell you what you shared and in turn what you experienced in a year. Unfortunately a more in-depth review means this is so late. I know … Continue reading

Minimoon: Amelia Island

Amelia Island marina

I realized about a month ago that the husband and I haven’t been on a vacation since our honeymoon almost three years ago. We’ve hardly done anything special for our anniversary either. OK, last year we had a casual “staycation.” Sure, we’ve been on vacations but they’ve been with family or friends and mostly for … Continue reading

The long delay

Wow I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a month. I mean I’ve been meaning to and then life happened. I get that life is always about balance — work, family, relationships, self — but how does one make time? I don’t even have children and all that responsibility. I have this ongoing list of … Continue reading

Back down south

I’m ashamed at how late this post is. Last week was my first birthday back in the South, back near family. Don’t get me wrong, my birthdays in D.C. were great. Year No. 1 we went out to our favorite, local Mexican place with my friends from work. My office had a birthday celebration like … Continue reading

What does 26 mean exactly?

I’m starting to have trouble with picking songs for my many months and years. When it comes to summarizing an entire year in three-ish minutes, well, you can see how that’s not easy. I don’t know why I’ve decided to track my life like this (Liz White soundtrack part one and two). It made sense at 18. Music … Continue reading

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