On writing and dreams

About a year ago in the middle of an emotional crisis, I bought a journal. I’ve never been particularly good at keeping journals – even though I actually keep them (I have a box full going back to like age 7). My last journal still rests peacefully in my bedside table (no snooping) from my … Continue reading

Two homes are better than one

I’ve started using the TimeHop app to recall things I’ve posted on social media in the past. I’m getting a lot of updates from last year. Like this picture I took at Union Station last year today: Yep. I miss that place. I’ve been missing that place — Washington, D.C. that is — a lot … Continue reading

On friendship

I’ve been thinking about friendship quite a lot lately. In June, my D.C. book club read Rachel Bertsche‘s “MWF Seeking BFF.” It’s about a Chicago-transplant’s year-long search for a new best friend. Then I moved back to Columbia, where I’ve been pondering new/old friendships. To be honest, friendship is something I think about pretty often. … Continue reading


We’ve been through this. I’ve had a tough emotional time lately. Since things haven’t gotten better, I’ve been looking for something to help. I’ve tried food. ugh. I’ve tried alcohol — one beer or glass of wine after work. I’ve tried exercise. I think boxing might be the way to go really. I’ve tried shopping. … Continue reading

Blogging, connections, self

Is blogging egotistical? I had essentially this argument/conversation with my brother over the weekend. It started when I read a piece in Jezebel about a story about a blogger. Whoa, that sounds complicated. Essentially the Jezebel story kind of pulls out pieces of the news profile about a blogger to highlight some of the more … Continue reading

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