As a reader and a writer 

I judge books by their covers. I spend hours in bookstores scanning the shelves for books that pop out at me. Ten books later, I sit in those comfy, over-stuffed armchairs and read the first page and the last page of every book in my stack. Several books I’ve picked up multiple trips, read the pages and left in my to-read-one-day pile, and yet, my overflowing bookshelf at home doesn’t have a copy. I love the idea of books, but I don’t find much time to devote to my hobby. Instead, I read newspapers and magazines, because journalists, typically, are the best writers. I read books to forget my own writing, and yet, because of these books, I have developed my own.

Forever Young (non-fiction short story)

I don’t listen to the radio any more, but as the sun cut through the windshield stinging my eyes, the unusual sound of a radio program filled my little car. I was navigating my way back to college from my parents’ house after another Sunday afternoon of emotional pampering from my mother and another inevitable break-up.

Figuring This Stuff Out

I’ve never been much of a journal-keeper. Usually my entries are sporadic and bi-monthly, at best. So when I first started a blog, I shouldn’t have been surprised when a few months later I gave it up. It wasn’t anything against blogging or bloggers, but I guess it just wasn’t for me.

Who am I?

A co-worker has been asking me what I’d like to write about, a question that came up in the interview. As I thought about it, I drew a blank. I’m only a 23-year-old, almost 24, recent graduate and trying to tack the term “expert” to a title just seems a little odd. What would I like to write about? I don’t know. I mostly think as a writer one should write what she knows, what she reads

Removing Disney-colored glasses

Everyone keeps asking what I want the wedding to be like, because, us girls have been planning our dream wedding since we were children. I can’t dispute this. But back in those days I had very unrealistic ideas about what a wedding would be like. I imagined flowers everywhere and a loverly gown with some high-tech devices and special guest appearances. Disney dreams.

But I’m quite practical now. I don’t hold on to any illusions I might have had as a little girl.

Where have all the kick-ass female leads gone? 

This is where my sadness for today comes in. Nerds are on their way back out. Today’s most popular anything is all about stupid, reality TV stars or dumb girls. Almost any show on E! (yeah I know E! should have been the first flag), MTV, VH1, Bravo or even the networks casts these stupid, stupid, STUPID girls! Since when is it cool to send a message that playing dumb makes you hotter? And damn it, where have all the smart girls gone?


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