Breaking-up needs cyber-world space

No need for updates on how ex is doing, false labels of ‘still friends’


This world is insensitive toward new singles. As soon as the tears subside, the brokenhearted emerge from the pillows and chocolate ice cream to find no pity.

Anyone that has logged on to the recently updated Facebook Mini-Feed understands.

It’s not enough that you feel like the bottom of someone’s shoe, but to truly solidify your heartbreak situation, Facebook has the nerve to announce that your “In a Relationship” has been canceled. It’s hard enough to deal with being dumped in the real world without having to answer to the god of online communities.

If I wanted to tell everyone that I met once long ago that I’ve been put back on the market, I would tell them myself; I don’t need Facebook to do it for me.

And with the newest “face-lift,” everyone, even those you haven’t seen in years, now get the inside scoop on the everyday processes of your life. Does that girl I knew in high school really need to know that I am friends with someone she’s never met? No. And I don’t want to know anything about her, either. If I did I would look it up myself.

If Facebook is really going to “make our social lives easier,” I’ve got a few ideas. When a couple cancels their relationship, instead of posting a cute broken heart along the mass announcement, these Facebook gods should remove all the couple’s pictures for them. That way Ms. Single doesn’t have to relive the heartache by clicking through those once-happy memories of sweet kisses and silliness.

They should also acknowledge the six-month rule and temporarily remove Mr. Ex from Ms. Single’s friend list. She doesn’t really want to be informed every time he makes friends with another girl or goes out to someone’s party. This just makes moving on all the more difficult.

But at some point in the future these two kids will probably reach a mature stage and return to being “just friends.” Removing the “ex” altogether is like removing someone from your track record. She doesn’t need to erase him from her past, but right now forgetting him is the key.

More side effects of relationships are those common friends they introduced to each other. When Ms. Single clicks on a friend’s profile, is it really fair to see Mr. Ex still there as his friend too? I don’t think so. While Facebook gods remove him from her own list, go ahead and take him off the mutual friend list, too.

Having to move on and find someone new is hard enough without the harsh and insensitive creators of Facebook butting in. What’s next, suggestions on who to sleep with when the heartache ends?


(Originally 9.7.2006)

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