Guys keep reading for dating success

Come with me if you want to know secrets behind female psyche


Classified ads may read SF seeking SM to share LTR, but what women want in a man can be a lot more complicated. After long conversations with girlfriends, I complied this list. If classifieds weren’t pay-by-word, most ads would look like this. Woman seeks a man who is:

Honest. Women like the basic, decent man. That means, no lying. No cheating, no “omission” of the fact by just not saying anything.

A Gentleman. Open the door for her, at least offer to pay the bill, and introduce her to the people you talk to.

Funny. Every girl I talked to likes guys that make her laugh. Part of making the more difficult parts of life easier is making someone smile. And why else would so many women like Dane Cook?

Intelligent. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon or a 4.0 student to get the girl, but women don’t want to hear about beer bottle collections. Good conversation is the basis of a relationship.

Goal oriented. He has to be going somewhere, looking for something or wanting something more than a one-night stand. Don’t forget that women can be more driven than men. Know you’re going somewhere but be respectful of her dreams, too.

Romantic. Yes. It may sound typical, but it’s not always flowers or chocolates. Some girls enjoy diamonds, but romance can be as simple as telling a girl she has a beautiful smile, smells good or looks great. Romance isn’t always rose-covered.

Comfortable. I once had a guy tell me that the way you knew you really were into someone was if you could fart around her. It sounds gross, but being able to just be “you” with someone is very reassuring. And no girl appreciates a guy that says “Eww” every time she mentions her period, unless she’s 12.

Safe. When it gets down to it, women look for something steady in a man. He is the knight in shining armor — her strength. Sometimes a person just needs a shoulder to cry on and someone to be understanding of that.

Respectful a girl’s guy friends. Green is the color of envy, and most men don’t wear it well.

Laid-back. High-strung men are worse than high-strung women.

A friend. She’s looking for someone who cares about her feelings, and what’s going on in her life.

Maybe it sounds like a lot to ask, and no one is asking that you meet all of the requirements, but it’s like flair. We like you to wear four at minimum, but we prefer you to wear as many as you can fit on your tacky vest. And after all, women just want a man that wants them. 


(Originally 10.5.2006)


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