A latte of limericks

Latte of Limericks story by Liz White for the Daily Gamecock. Fall 2006.

With high expectations, Starbucks’ Poetry Night mixes philosophy, chai

Written underneath Today’s Specials on a board by the door glows the message “Please attend our poetry reading tonight at 8 p.m.” in neon blue pen.

At 7:45 no poets had signed their name to the list. A group of girls left as another group of guys bought coffee. The new Starbucks in the Russell House had a continuous flow of coffee, tea and Frappuccino drinkers, and people passing through the new entrance into the bookstore on Monday night, but no one came to read poetry.

Of the 15 people sitting around the cozy coffeehouse, most were plugged in to laptops, cell phones or iPods; a couple were engrossed in textbooks. None were aware of second-year English and education student Anna Howard’s plan to bring student poetry to the masses.

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By Liz White, Daily Gamecock staff writer


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